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[ Introduction ]


  Since TEKCON was established on December 1st, 1984, we have continuously  adhered to the management philosophy "Create value and pursue total satisfaction for all customers."   

  Our products are mainly focused on diversified connectors for more than 3 decades, serving the applications spanning all of IoT market segments, for requirements of all wired connection devices.

  As the trend of  IoT migrates from wired to wireless, especially IoT is overwhelmingly ubiquitous in market news. We were stepped in this marketplace by offering various wireless modules to TV, Set-top-box… etc. manufacturers. Since we has franchised Foxconn's (a.k.a. worldwide #1 EMS ) wireless modules in 2014, as well as Motorola mesh software franchised to facilitate WiFi & BLE (Bluetooth LE ) technology for IoT realization.

    We are committed to continuously striving to increase customer satisfaction by supplying superior quality products with superior quality service. 

     TEKCON Corporation will leverage its three most important resources: our people, technical deftness, and production prowess, to supply our customers with premium products into the next century." 

            Nick Lin

Tekcon Taiwan Headquarters 


Tekcon Huizhou Electronics Co., Ltd.


[ Worldwide ]

    Tekcon Electronics Corp.     
    ( Fax )   

    Tekcon Huizhou Electronics Co., Ltd.



[ Quality assurance ]




   In the fast running and competitive computer market, we insist on quality system built into our products to meet customer's satisfaction. 

    In the age of advancing technology and diversifying customer demands, we are intensifying our effort to become a world-class-quality connector manufacturer. 

    Automatic inspection and testing throughout the production process insure total quality and reliability in connector. 


[ R & D ]


  Technology innovation is the key to our company's success. Our R&D team continually develops new fine pitch, SMT, and High-Temperature connector designs for today's ever changing PC manufacturing requirements. 

    The R&D team has ample experience in product and mold design, tooling design, fabrication as well as process automation. 


[ Application ]

   Whether your application involves computer systems (desktop or portable), computer peripherals, telecommunications equipment, or industrial instrumentation, TEKCON can provide you with timely, cost-effective, quality solutions for all your interconnection needs. 



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